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You get the idea.

Despite all it has going, Seattle earning multiple titles in coming seasons or even a consecutive championship next season won’t be easy. Free agency has changed the NFL like it has other sports and made maintaining a high level much more difficult. Since unrestricted free agency became a part of the league’s landscape in 1993, staying good has become increasingly more difficult.

Dallas won back-to-back titles in 1993-94, Denver did it in 1998-99 and New England did it in 2004-05. The New York Giants and Pittsburgh have won two apiece since New England’s repeat titles, but they were not in succession.

In the first 14 Super Bowls, there were back-to-back champions four times. Pittsburgh did it twice.

Teams can get closer to the Seahawks’ level by signing free agents in addition to trading and drafting. It makes it easier to make up ground, and to lose ground when one of your free agents leaves. To keep that talent together for a long stretch, Seattle is going to have open its checkbook wide and likely won’t be able to keep all of its key players because of salary cap restrictions.

So, yeah, given all that, maybe dynasty is a reach. Let’s amend that to as much a dynasty as a team can become in these free agent/salary cap days.

The overall point is this is a very good time to be a Seahawks fan. What they did to the Broncos was a bit of a surprise in how one-sided the game became, but that they were clearly the superior team shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise. Nor should it when they are the league’s best team next season and maybe even beyond.

What they’ve done is impressive and very difficult to do these days. They’ve put together a team that is built to last, for however long that means anymore.