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Why? Because we are building a stronger Pennsylvania.


In the space of a few years, our state has also become the nation’s second-largest producer of natural gas. Shale gas offers our country a chance at energy independence and greater economic security - and it’s part of the all-of-the-above strategy we’ve put in place. Our state is energy-rich, and we need to harness all our resources - coal, wind, solar, nuclear, hydro and gas.

We are very fortunate, and we can be very proud, that the shale-gas revolution is happening right here in Pennsylvania. Go to Williamsport, and you won’t doubt the difference that this industry is making for our state. Talk to our local businesses - the dry cleaner and the diner owner - who are remaking Main Street. Talk to the folks at Allison Crane, NuWeld and Albert’s Spray Solutions. These companies are seizing this opportunity, hiring local citizens for jobs, and helping to maximize our energy resources - responsibly.

Shale gas has made that region one of the top ten fastest-growing local economies in the country. It’s lifting up entire communities, creating and supporting many thousands of jobs well beyond gas production. The revival extends to manufacturing, as leading companies put Pennsylvania back on the map for investment and growth.

And it’s reducing home energy costs, right now, for Pennsylvanians.

Big things are in motion, and shale gas is the power behind it all. It’s great for Pennsylvania, and even greater for the United States.

And we were smart enough to welcome that industry, and all those jobs, by working together with local governments, industry and environmental craft a responsible impact fee that, by April will have generated more than $600 million in less than three years to benefit every single community in this commonwealth. It’s very simple: Energy equals jobs.

And I thank you for working with me to grow this industry for the people of Pennsylvania, and to deliver energy to the rest of the world.


For years, this state needed a sustained, large-scale investment in transportation. And somehow it just never got done. We did things a little differently, and we got a different result. Republican and Democrat. Labor and Industry. We all worked together to put the funding crisis behind us and do what is right for the people of Pennsylvania.

The construction season coming up will give us just a glimpse of the benefits. And far into the future, Pennsylvania will have the good roads, safe bridges, and reliable public transit that our people expect and deserve.

We have accomplished this and more, because, in our debates, we haven’t let “NO” be anyone’s final answer. We stay at it, until the work is done. You could call this the practical way of governing. You could call it the bipartisan way. I like to think of it as the Pennsylvania way, defined at its best by honesty, fair dealing, and the shared values of the people we serve.


This being an election year, I suppose it’s in the realm of possibility that a few disagreements might come into the picture again. It could happen. But so far as the budget of this commonwealth is concerned, our business is in the here and now.

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