Gov. Corbett’s prepared text for 2014 budget

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So many good things that we achieve can be undone by uncontrolled debt and our increasing pension costs. The basic reform package in my budget this year will save this state and local school districts a combined $300 million.

Inaction is unwise in the extreme, and deeply unfair to our children, communities and schools.

Again, I urge, help your state. Help your school districts. Help your taxpayers. Enact public pension reform before the end of this session.


when it comes to our state and our ability to meet great challenges, I have great confidence in the people of Pennsylvania. We’ve seen our way through some fairly tough times.

And with some notable successes in this building lately, we have shown what we are capable of doing. These are the kinds of successes that usually last the longest in government work done with common purpose by both parties, in the public’s interest.

Things are coming together. All around us are the hopeful signs of a stronger Pennsylvania. We have work to do, and commitments to honor. And now we have a way forward with the budget I submit today, a budget reflecting real numbers, responsible choices, and unlimited confidence in what our people can accomplish.

I have no doubt that you will give your full effort and nothing less. You can be sure that I will do the same. This year, together, let’s give our best for the future of this great commonwealth. Let’s build a stronger Pennsylvania.

God bless you, God bless Pennsylvania, God bless the United States and thank you.


Source: Gov. Tom Corbett‘s

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