- Associated Press - Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Recent editorials from Kentucky newspapers:

Feb. 4

Daily News, Bowling Green, Ky., on legislators should pass bill to increase teacher tax credit:

Teachers deserve a lot of credit for all they do for students.

One important, selfless act Kentucky teachers do every year sometimes goes unnoticed - they dip into their own pockets to pay for classroom supplies.

Teachers do this because they care.

School budgets clearly aren’t lined with Fort Knox gold for supplies. When teachers go beyond the schools’ means and buy these education tools, they show their passion for education and their care for kids’ futures.

Currently, teachers can get a $250 state tax credit for buying supplies. State Rep. Brian Linder, R-Dry Ridge, has proposed a bill that would increase the credit to $500 annually.

In announcing House Bill 243, Linder pointed to a survey he reviewed that noted 40,000 Kentucky teachers took the $250 credit last fiscal year and maxed out. He said some teachers spend up to $1,000 on classroom supplies each year.

This is a lot of money on a teacher’s salary, which is why Linder’s bill is so important to Kentucky educators.

It is a plus that our state offers a tax credit for teachers at all, but Linder’s proposal of a higher tax credit goes further toward easing the spending burden.

By passing House Bill 243, the General Assembly would reward teachers’ dedication and passion for Kentucky children’s education.




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