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Still, he had good things to say about Snyder. “I like Dan Snyder,” Fassel said. “He is very passionate about the game.”

What might have happened if Fassel had been hired? No one would claim it would have guaranteed a path to the Super Bowl.

But it would have saved the Redskins two years of Zorn, followed up by four years of Mike Shanahan.

Fassel, with Giants teams with little talent, managed to put together a 58-53-1 record over eight seasons in New York. He had just two Pro Bowl players on that 2000 NFC championship squad. It’s not unreasonable to think that the last six years in Washington would have been better under Fassel than Zorn and Shanahan.

The Redskins debacle seemed to doom Fassel. He wound up coaching in the UFL, where he was a two-time league champion as coach of the Las Vegas Locomotives. He lost the 2011 UFL title to former Redskins coach Marty Schottenheimer.

So having coached against Jay Gruden, I asked Fassel what he thought of the Redskins hire. Somewhere in here, there may be an endorsement, though I’m not sure..

“I like Jay,” Fassel said. “We beat them [Florida] when Haslett was the head coach and Jay was the offensive coordinator. And we beat them again when Jay was the head coach. … I really like Jay. … Is it a good hire? … I would first go to a guy who has done the job.

“I like Jay,” he said again. “When we played against Florida, they were well-prepared, and I thought he had the right demeanor to be the head coach.”

Jay Gruden was well-prepared, and had the right demeanor to be the head coach. More importantly, he was luckier than Fassel, because Bruce Allen, not Vinny Cerrato, was in charge this time around.

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