- The Washington Times - Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Despite President Obama’s direct assurances to a Kentucky woman with complaints about Obamacare, the White House did not resolve her problem on the day she spoke with the president.

When Mr. Obama spoke to Rebecca Stewart of Covington, Ky., in an online chat on Friday, he promised: “You, Rebecca, since you’re taking to the president directly, will get, I guarantee you, a firm answer by the end of the day.”

A White House aide did call Mrs. Stewart about an hour later. But as local TV station WLWT reported, Mrs. Stewart didn’t get a resolution to her problem on the same day.

“Stewart was told someone would get back to her next week,” the station reported.

Mrs. Stewart told the president she was having “a panicked experience” trying to ascertain whether her 10-year-old son could keep his specialist physician under Obamacare. She told Mr. Obama that she had to change health-insurance plans even though she liked her old plan.

During the online chat, Mr. Obama also heard from a fast-food worker in Milwaukee who said his hours had been cut back to part-time so his employer could avoid paying for his health insurance under the new law.



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