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The Spurs were set to win in the first overtime, but they blew a seven-point lead. Wall scored six points in the final 10.2 seconds, including a layup after a steal of an inbounds pass to force another five minutes of basketball.

“John came up with three plays to get us to another overtime,” Wizards forward Trevor Ariza said, “and we laid an egg in the second overtime.”

NOTES: As a student of Russian culture, Popovich offered some thoughts on the Winter Olympics in Sochi. “One would wonder with everything that’s going on why it would be put in a dangerous spot, when you think about the Caucasus and that area and what’s going on,” he said. “At the time when the Olympics were won it wasn’t maybe as much in the forefront in everybody’s mind. Since that time a lot of things have happened, and you could almost make the case of ‘Where is it not dangerous in the world?’” … Popovich said his wife will make him watch figure skating during the Olympics. “Very honestly when they fall I feel awful for them,” he said. “Just like somebody missing two free throws at the end of a basketball game and they go home and want to jump off a building. … I don’t care what country it is, it just drives me crazy so I can’t watch. I turn away like it’s a horror movie.”


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