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“Pieces of this puzzle are still being put together,” mother Hilary Sessions said. “What we need is the public’s help because we’re looking for a small needle in a very big haystack. … We need your help to try to close this case. I know it can be closed. We just need that little piece of information that somebody has.”

Detectives hope naming a suspect and showing his photos will stir 25-year-old memories, which might provide more clues and possibly more links in the case.

Last summer, authorities went back to the place Foster’s body was found in hopes of locating Sessions’ remains. Cadaver dogs gave detectives a “major-league alert” in several spots, Patrick Sessions said. But mosquitoes and snakes made searching and digging difficult, so they waited until January to return.

When detectives came back two weeks ago and started digging, they learned that the dogs were reacting to buried septic tanks - remnants of an old trailer park.

“It knocked the wind out of everybody,” Patrick Sessions said. “We put so much hope into it.”

Still, family and friends are convinced Rowles is responsible for Sessions’ disappearance.

“I feel so much better today than I did a year ago,” Patrick Sessions said. “I believe Rowles did it. If we don’t find another thing, I’m not going to stop believing that. So I think we solved the case. But I’d like to bring her home. It would be nice to be able to put her to rest after all these years.”