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In the survey, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Times, the 101s Division said it used the system in a limited way to present updates to the division’s commanding general. Outside the division’s fusion center, all other sections relied on Microsoft PowerPoint.

The 4th Infantry Division, which has been in charge of Regional Command South since July, said its intelligence officers received 80 hours of training on the Distributed Common Ground System but still “lack an overall understanding of how it fits into building a common intelligence picture.”

The division said a network feature enabling soldiers to “reach back” to stateside analysts to help process intelligence “is currently not working.”

Meanwhile, the 130th Engineer Brigade talked of “lost man hours” on “systems that would not remain stable and a host of computer issues.”

It said the Distributed Common Ground System, though it boasts multiple capabilities, was confined to searching the military’s file of classified material and its workstation “was never utilized.” The unit instead turned to Palantir and Google Earth.

The 130th said Distributed Common Ground System received upgrades that “erase or lose all of the user’s data” and is handicapped by “woefully inadequate computing power.”

The one-star general who signed the memo wrote a summary that said, “DCGS-A is a very powerful tool that can be useful in supporting analysts ability to perform in-depth analysis of the operational environment.”

He added: “It is lacking in some areas, such as reach back capability, system processing speed, system stability and network compliance in garrison and in theater.”

Pre-deployment training at Fort Huachuca, Ariz., “is only adequate for teaching ‘buttonology,’” he said.

The general called for revamping the entire training system because what is learned in the states “is not tailored to the units’ needs.”

In the 2014 defense budget, Congress cut the Army’s $267 million request for the Digital Common Ground System to $110 million.