- The Washington Times - Sunday, January 12, 2014

The wife of Washington state’s former attorney general is outraged to learn that Facebook has removed photos of her dramatic weight loss because it claims that showing off her “fat pants” is “promoting idealized physical appearances.”

Rob McKenna’s wife Marilyn McKenna had posted a picture of herself sliding her new body into one leg of of her size 20 “fat pants.”

On Thursday night, she tried to make the image her profile picture on her fan page, when she received a message from Facebook reading, “These types of images are considered to be promoting idealized physical appearances and are policy violating,” she told a local television station.

Facebook offered KING 5 an explanation of why the photo was an issue.

Facebook’s terms require advertisers of weight loss and other adult products to limit the audience of their ads to people aged 18 and over,” the spokesperson said.

Mrs. McKenna had opted to promote the photo which meant Facebook considered it an ad.

“Hey, Facebook! What ‘products’ am I promoting?! You dunderheads! My website, my blogs, my videos… It’s all free!! Im not selling anything!” she tweeted.

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