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When I became your Governor, I had one goal in my mind. I truly wanted to help all the people of this state - especially in disadvantaged areas, such Wilcox County.

My first week in office, I met with Golden Dragon Copper Tubing, and recruited that company not just to our state - but the area that included Pine Hill in Wilcox County.

In a few weeks Golden Dragon will begin production in its brand new 100-million dollar plant.

Working there will be a man named William Ausbon. William lives 10 minutes from the plant, in Pine Hill. He lost his job in October 2012. And for one year he was another statistic, another percentage point in Wilcox County’s high unemployment rate.

Then Golden Dragon started hiring and a year later William got a job. A really good job. I’m honored that William and his wife Toshika are here tonight as mine and Dianne’s special guest. I’d like for you to meet him.

(Please stand. Applause)

Up to 500 people will soon get a job at GD Copper, like William. 500 families in the nation’s poorest area now have a new opportunity at a much better way of life.

This is our role, to create an environment where there is opportunity for people to get a good job, to train and get the skills they need, to get a good education at an early age and to continually encourage people to break free of the bondage of dependency, to stand on their own two feet, and we do this by giving him or her an opportunity for - and the satisfaction of having a job.

William is why I am here. He is who I work for. And Alabamians just like him are why we are all here. We should never forget that.

God Bless You All, and God Bless the Great State of Alabama.

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