That Democratic instinct to spend starts in childhood

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Notions about big spending could start quite early in Democratic households. And here’s why.

A new Harris Poll has asked American parents to name an “appropriate” amount for a weekly allowance in three age groups of children. Republican parents display some fiscal conservatism even when it comes to their children’s spare change.

Here’s what the poll of 2,311 U.S. adults had to say.

Overall, respondents say children ages 4-9 should receive an average of $4.10 a week; Republicans say the amount should be $3.60, Democrats say it’s $4.50.

In the 10- to 13-year-old set, parents overall say $8.70 is the proper weekly allowance. Republicans say the amount should be $7.60, Democrats say $9.50.

Last but not least, older children from 14-17 years should get $16 per week, according to all Americans. Republicans say the amount should be $14.10, Democrats $17.50.

“Republicans may not live up to the ‘Party of “No!”’ title their political rivals have been pushing, but they do have lower ‘appropriate’ allowance thresholds than Democrats,” the pollster says.

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