- - Thursday, January 16, 2014


In a rare and refreshing show of patriotic bipartisanship, Republicans and some Democrats on the House Foreign Affairs Committee joined Defense Department professionals and the Obama administration on Jan. 14 to advance a vigilant stance against Chinese aggression in the East China Sea and South China Sea.

Showing its true communist colors, China has been bullying American allies over bodies of water clearly outside of its territorial jurisdiction. Worse still, China is now encroaching into waters unquestionably within the territorial jurisdiction of the Philippines, which is suffering under the devastation of one of the worst typhoons in history.

But perhaps the greatest outrage of all is China’s claim that the United States has no interest here. This, in the face of American bloodshed in World War II to free not only all of Asia and the Pacific, but China in particular from the scourge of imperial Japanese occupation.

With all of the problems facing us, it is nice to know that at least we’re all getting on the same page against perhaps the greatest threat to this country besides its own ravenous government-generated debt; namely, a proudly communist China advancing its sociopathic nationalism on domestic slave labor and virtually unrestricted access to our markets.

If only we could get on the same page on government splurging, we’d make real progress. The aforementioned is at least a good start, though.

West Jefferson, Ohio



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