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Kaleena Sculco of Reading knows the struggle of working for $7.25 an hour. In 2010, she worked two minimum wage jobs to support her two children, Isabella, 3, and Catherine, 9. She currently earns more as a receptionist with the Berks Community Action Program, and she said the extra money has helped.

“It did make a big difference, trying to buy my home,” Sculco said. “An increase would help. It did help me … That extra $200 a month does a lot for my kids.”

Crystal Latimer, 29, of Reading, is looking for a job. She has been in the Work Ready program for six months and is hoping to land administrative work in an office that will be enough to provide for her two children, Shayleen, 7, and Dalant-e, who turns 2 in April.

But $7.25 an hour will not be enough.

“I do have a college degree,” Latimer said. “The minimum wage, what is that going to do for me? It’s not going to help me. I want to be able support myself and my family.”




Information from: Reading Eagle,