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Senior religion major Rob Levin said he’s liked the Grateful Dead since he was 12, so the interim course was a natural fit for him.

“During the first week, we’ve learned about the roots of the band, where they came from, how they met and about San Francisco in the mid-1960s, the breeding ground for psychedelic music,” Levin said.

Musically inclined, Levin sings and plays saxophone, but he says learning the harmonica has been a challenge.

“The harmonica always looks easy and it really isn’t,” he said.

Interim courses or projects are graded on an honors/pass/fail basis not figured into the student’s grade point average. All students are required to complete and pass four interim projects, one per year, during their four years of course work.

In other interim courses this month, students will be woodworking, making artisan bread, analyzing the assassination of John F. Kennedy, producing and performing a Broadway musical, learning civic engagement, studying the works of Woody Allen, illustrating chapters of “Moby Dick” with Legos and volunteering at the Spartanburg Humane Society. Students may also do an independent study or study abroad during interim.


Information from: Herald-Journal,