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“Dr. King once said: ‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.’ He would not be pandering to the lowest common denominator in American society. He would be pleading for us to show a Christ-like peace that passes human understanding,” Bishop Nedd continues.

“Dr. King was a Bible-believing pastor who understood Scripture. He would be doing precisely as the Bible suggests and rejoicing about all the good that has been accomplished instead of sitting around and looking for something to complain about,” he adds.


“Be yourself. And watch your mouth. I had trouble with that.”

— Former first lady Barbara Bush’s advice to future first ladies.

“Stand back and be quiet.”

— Former first lady Laura Bush’s advice to the future first gentleman, when there is one.

Both comments are from “First Ladies: Influence and Image,” airing on C-SPAN on Monday, beginning at 9 p.m. ET.


Among lawmakers seeking favors for their own home districts, there has to be the worst of the worst. So says Citizens Against Government Waste. The nonpartisan watchdog has revealed its nominees for “2013 Porker of the Year,” who all happen to be Democrats. Here are the six nominees plus very abbreviated descriptions of their pork barrel-y activities:

Rep. Earl Blumenauer of Oregon for sponsoring the Update Act of 2013, which would increase the federal gas tax from the current 18.4 cents per gallon to 33.4 cents per gallon. then there’s Rep. Gerald E. Connolly of Virginia for contradicting the idea that both federal and state governments should spend only what they earn, this in an Oct. 17 statement. The watchdog group also nominates Reps. Donna Edwards of Maryland and Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas for co-sponsoring the Apollo Lunar Landing Legacy Act, which would establish the Apollo Lunar Landing Sites National Historic Park on the Moon.

House Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland made the list for refusing in a Feb. 12 statement that the U.S. has a spending problem. Rep. Steve Israel of New York also was cited for a Nov. 14 statement insisting the Obama administration had solved all of the Affordable Care Act’s website problems.

Finally, Sen. Mary L. Landrieu of Louisiana was nominated for supporting a sugar program that could increase the price of candy, among other things. Pork barrel watchers can cast their ballots for “the most reprehensible porker” through Feb. 5 here:


69 percent of Americans say their opinion of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has not changed following “Bridge-gate”; 69 percent of Republicans and 61 percent of Democrats agree.

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