- Associated Press - Sunday, January 19, 2014

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - Marnie Riddell never planned to be a pinup model. It wasn’t something she really ever thought about.

“If you’d have asked me when I was 20 if I’d be a model, especially this kind of model, I’d have laughed at you,” the 45-year-old Charleston resident said.

But life sometimes has a way of finding its own path. Today, more than two decades after she graduated from high school, Riddell has found an unexpected calling, posing for vintage glamour photographs.

“I only do the stuff that’s very tasteful,” she’s quick to point out. “I’d never do anything that was all in your face.”

Besides, she said with a smile, pinup art is all about the tease.

Born Marnie Kerby in Dublin, Ireland, her parents moved to America when she was 7 years old. There’s just a wisp of her Irish accent left.

“I grew up in Cleveland,” she said.

As a little girl, Riddell said she always dreamed of being in the movies and wanted to grow up to be an actress.

“I studied theater at Ohio State,” she said. “But then I got married and had a daughter.”

Regular life and responsibilities took over, though Riddell said she was involved with local theater in Ohio and worked in a children’s theater.

“That was the best,” she said. “I got to play at work every day. One day, I was one of the three little pigs, the next I got to be an alien. It was simply the best job I’d ever had.”

She also had minor roles in two independent films: “Riding with James Dean” and “Vampire Girls Are Easy.”

“It was kind of a play on ‘Earth Girls Are Easy,’” she said and laughed. “My one scene was a dream sequence where I fed a guy an apple.”

The film was shot in the mid-1990s, but has since vanished into memory. There’s not even a reference for it on the Internet Movie Database.

“Riding with James Dean” had a little better luck. Riddell played Loretta in the 1998 film - the best friend to the lead actress’s character.

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