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“That one sounded pretty interesting,” she said. “It was about a guy who inherits the mailbox of James Dean and starts getting letters from a girl who thinks he’s James Dean.”

The film, she said, sort of plodded.

“It would have done better if it had been more of a quirky comedy,” Riddell added.

Riddell’s first marriage lasted for about three years. The pair divorced in 1998 then reconciled five years later.

“But then he died before we could get married again,” she said.

Riddell met her second husband, Tom, in 2009.

“We met through mutual friends,” she said. “We just clicked.”

She said they were both kind of nerds and shared a passion for geek culture: science fiction and fantasy books, movies and television and comic books.

“I’ve been doing cosplay before I even knew what the term was,” Riddell said.

She went to comic book and science fiction conventions, dressed up as comic book characters like Spider-Man bad girl The Black Cat, The Joker’s girlfriend Harley Quinn and the Justice League’s Hawkgirl.

Her husband has gone out as Spider-Man, the Riddler and even built an elaborate Iron Man suit.

“Obviously, Halloween is really big for us,” she laughed.

The costumes can get very elaborate. Riddell said she got noticed because her costumes were so good and because she wore them well.

“That crowd can get rough on you if you don’t look good,” she said.

After she moved to Charleston a few years ago and got a job in an office, she started getting approached by photographers about posing for pinup shoots.

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