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“I’m happy with how it all worked out between Brad, Steve (Williams) and myself,” he said. “It’s the kind of plans we worked on, that after such a big high in April to not live off winning the Masters for the rest of the year, or the rest of your life. To keep pushing and keep my golf advancing. By the end of the year, I took my game that tiny, half-step further from where I was when I won a major. It’s just getting a little bit better, which is important if I want to achieve everything I ever wanted.”

Next on the horizon is a shot at No. 1, even if that’s not part of the plan.

Woods has an average ranking of 11.69, while Scott is at 9.60. And because both play no more than 20 events a year, he’s not far off. There was a time when Woods was on one of his big runs that reaching the top of the world ranking looked impossible to Scott.

“I don’t think I can set a schedule to focus on being No. 1 in the world,” he said. “It can only be a byproduct of everything else I do. It’s no small feat. The guy who’s had a stronghold on it for a long time doesn’t like giving that spot up much. I mean, look, for 10 years it wasn’t even a consideration. He was just playing at another level. But it’s such a long career. He’s going to play at a level that no one ever has for that long.

“But he has different levels of being No. 1, and this is just slightly different,” Scott said. “And the game has changed a bit. He’s still No. 1. It’s a hard spot to get to. Maybe if I play like I have for another 12 months, I might sneak in there. But it’s not something I can focus on.”