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That would tell the world that SuperBob is large and in charge at Redskins Park – no matter what Bruce Allen said last week in his Alexander Haig moment.

“The control will be mine, and it will be working with our personnel department,” Allen told reporters. “The personnel department of [Director of Player Personnel] Scott Campbell and [Director of Pro Personnel] Morocco Brown actually do a very good job at what they do.”

If there was ever a symbol of the Redskins dysfunction, it is the continued presence of Campbell and Brown. They have been there throughout much of the disaster that has been this franchise – Campbell for 13 seasons, Brown for six – yet they have reputations as solid personnel men who have been ignored by Redskins decision makers.

But now it’s going to be different?

Not if Art Briles is hired to coach this team.

If that happens, will RG II have an office at Redskins Park? Will he be in the draft room?

Will he have his own parking space?

This is the perception problem that SuperBob is facing. If Briles is hired as the next Redskins coach, then Team SuperBob clearly could care less what anyone thinks. We already know the Redskins don’t care what anyone thinks. They couldn’t possibly care – could they?

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