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A day after the controversy broke, ABC resurrected the clip of Blisard and Howard and showed part of it on “World News with Diane Sawyer.”

In the clip, Blisard said that everybody sets up a DVR and comes home from church to watch “Duck Dynasty.”

After the Dec. 19 airing, people began to call and say they had seen them on television.

“It was pretty cool. Everybody at our church thought that was really neat,” Blisard told the Tulsa World ( ).

“I was glad that they showed something because I was beginning to think people didn’t believe that we got interviewed by ‘Good Morning America.’ “

Blisard, a native of Siloam Springs, Ark., said he started Born Again Pews about eight years ago after experiencing a restoration of his troubled marriage.

“I was buying and selling horses all over the country, and I kind of got away from God,” he said.

“We were split up for almost a year. My wife was faithful through the whole deal.”

He said he went to church one night to hear his daughter sing, and something happened there that changed his mind about his marriage.

He told his wife, “I’m ready to make this thing work.”

“We got serious about God, and he came in and absolutely changed our marriage. We’re happier than we’ve ever been.”

Blisard moved back home and got a job teaching shop at a school. When he lost that job, he dug ditches for several months in the winter.

Then he started buying, refurbishing and selling pews around the country.

When that market dwindled, he began to manufacture pews.

“It took off from there,” he said.

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