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Being a dedicated doctor who refused to give up on his loyal patients and devoted nurses. For years, the committee dogged Mr. Coburn, fixated on the notion that delivering babies would somehow coerce Mr. Coburn into bribery. This charade was led by the Senate’s Javert himself, Harry “Casino” Reid — surely an expert on bribery.

After years of funhouse-mirror investigation, the Senate gave up and allowed Mr. Coburn to continue seeing patients — but only if he doesn’t charge a fee.

Unlike Mr. Reid and his “ethics” syndicate, Mr. Coburn understands that holding a private job and doing it well is a much higher calling in America than being a senator. Public service is a “service” precisely because it is such a lowly and humble task in a great, vibrant country with boundless opportunity.

Few principles were more important to the Founding Fathers and, sadly, Mr. Coburn is one of the few in Congress who still believes it.

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