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Grossman, who will be 34 in August, may find another backup job. After all, we saw some pretty bad backup quarterbacking in the NFL this past season.

But his value seemed to be as the best student in the Shanahan class.

Maybe it’s time for the student to become the teacher.

Bring back Rex Grossman – as the Redskins quarterback coach.

He has served the role of a mentor for the past two years with Robert “SuperBob” Griffin III and Kirk Cousins. According to various sources, he has a good relationship with “SuperBob” and has been a counsel to the young quarterback at times. SuperBob apparently trusts him, because, after all, unlike Cousins, Grossman has not been a threat to his starting job.

The Redskins quarterbacks coaching job remains vacant. Maybe, with Gruden as a quarterbacks guru, he might not see the need for one.

But Grossman may help Gruden build up his own relationship with SuperBob.

Take the clipboard out of Grossman’s hands and replace it with a whistle – Rex Grossman, quarterbacks coach, Washington Redskins.

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