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All three women have previously complained that Stamey had created a hostile workplace.

Lavonne Miller, former treasurer Joanne Johnson’s sister, told the Ravalli Republic that all three women mentioned by Stamey were devoted employees and had no reason to do what Stamey alleged.

“Whatever Val is trying to pull out of the slums is not true,” she said.

Stamey said Iman threatened her when she attempted to access county bank accounts and kept the combination of the treasurer’s safe from her.

She said her pleas for help to other commissioners “fell on deaf ears.”

Following Stamey’s statement, several people asked the commission to consider a forensic audit for both the time period that Stamey had referred to and for the months since she took over the office.

Former County Commissioner Kathleen Driscoll called Stamey’s statement “a wonderful example of deflection. … I had hoped to hear what she’s been doing rather than hearing her pull everyone else into the swamp with her.”


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