Text of NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s inaugural address

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Text of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s inaugural address, as prepared for delivery Tuesday:

Today, once again, the people of New Jersey have given me the opportunity to serve. And I thank each and every citizen for that honor. And once again, I have taken an oath where I have sworn to promote the peace and prosperity of our great state and its citizens. It is an oath that I have lived by for the last four years. It is the oath I will live by for every day I am privileged to call myself your Governor.

The oath though, is just a symbol of the bond we have created with each other over the last four years.

We have endured the worst economic recession of our lifetimes and we have begun to triumph over it.

We have confronted entrenched interests and their endless stream of money that have previously stood in the way of fiscal sanity for our state, and educational excellence for our children. Together, we have pushed those interests back, and put our children’s future first.

We have survived the worst natural disaster in our state’s history and worked together to restore, renew and rebuild the state we love.

Each one of these challenges has been met by a new, unified force in public life - a New Jersey setting the tone for an entire nation. A tough New Jersey. A resilient New Jersey. A Proud New Jersey.

A New Jersey that has put aside political partisanship on the important issues to our people to take advantage of the opportunities each of these challenges has presented us with every day. A New Jersey that has brought pride to our people and leadership to our country.

Finally, this past November, New Jerseyans had the chance to decide if the bonds we have formed were strong enough to endure the heat of today’s political campaigns. Would our elections confirm that the change we said had arrived on this stage four years ago was truly beneficial for all of our citizens?

You see, elections are about more than TV ads and debates and rallies. Each vote cast is an act of faith and trust. Faith in the strength of the bonds we have built. Trust in the hope that tomorrow will bring a better job for us, a better education for our children and a better day for all of our citizens.

The people have definitively set the course for the next four years. They have affirmed the decision to take on the big problems. They have validated the idea that our answers to our problems must be bold. They have rewarded the principle that we must tell the truth about the depths of our challenges and the difficulty of real solutions.

And it wasn’t just some of our people who affirmed this course. It was not a vocal plurality like four years ago. No, this time, it was the largest and loudest voice of affirmation that the people of our state have given to any direction in three decades.

Suburbanites and city dwellers. African Americans and Latinos. Women and men. Doctors and teachers. Factory workers and tradesmen. Republicans and Democrats and Independents.

Together, they have demanded that we stay the course they have helped set. To stand up for what is right. To fight the fights worth fighting. And, most of all, to work together to make government work for each and every one of those voices of affirmation.

You see, the people of this state know that the only way forward is if we are all willing to take on what is politically unpopular. If we are all willing to share in the sacrifice. If we are all willing to be in this together.

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