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PARK CITY, Utah (AP) - In a story Jan. 22 about the documentary “Happy Valley” about the Penn State sexual abuse scandal, The Associated Press reported erroneously that an attorney for victims in the case, Tom Kline, had viewed and was satisfied with the film. In fact, it was Andrew Shubin, also an attorney for victims in the case, who viewed and was satisfied with the film.

In the same story, the AP erroneously quoted filmmaker Amir Bar-Lev as saying, “So much of the movie is an explanation of a moral puzzle that doesn’t have easy answers.” The correct quote is, “So much of the movie is an exploration of a moral puzzle that doesn’t have easy answers.”

A corrected version of the story is below:

‘Happy Valley’ director: Paterno family satisfied

Joe Paterno’s family is satisfied with Sandusky doc ‘Happy Valley,’ says filmmaker


AP Film Writer

PARK CITY, Utah (AP) - The filmmaker behind the new documentary about the Penn State sexual-abuse scandal says that both the family of Joe Paterno and the lawyer for the victims expressed satisfaction with the film.

“To have total polar opposite perspectives feel a sense of gratification that the film represents their perspective accurately is really something I am proud of,” said documentarian Amir Bar-Lev in an interview at the Sundance Film Festival, where his documentary “Happy Valley” premiered. Bar-Lev screened the film for Joe Paterno’s widow, Sue, his two sons, Scott and Jay, and attorney Andrew Shubin before it premiered at Sundance. All appear in the film.

“Happy Valley” explores the case that engulfed the town of State College, Penn., where Penn State is based and which is also known as Happy Valley. Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State assistant football coach, was accused of molesting children, and key people, including former head coach Paterno, were said to have turned a blind eye.

Paterno died with a tarnished image and the town was rocked by their fallen saints. Jerry Sandusky did not speak for the movie, but his son Matt Sandusky did.

To get Matt Sandusky to agree to participate in the documentary about his father, Bar-Lev assured him the movie wouldn’t solely rely on the stories of Sandusky or Paterno. Instead, it would focus on the torn Happy Valley community.

Matt asked me a lot of questions about my approach,” said Bar-Lev. “Convincing him was really about sitting down with him and telling him that this film was called ‘Happy Valley,’ not Sandusky or Paterno. It was from that meeting that he said yes and agreed to an interview with no stipulations.”

On Sunday, Matt Sandusky attended the premiere of “Happy Valley.”

“I felt it was important to share my perspective as a survivor in this documentary,” Matt Sandusky told The Associated Press in an emailed statement. “After seeing the film, I am hopeful that it will help people understand some of what I have gone through. Now, I am moving forward as an advocate, forming a foundation dedicated to empowering survivors and educating communities about child sexual abuse.”

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