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A Grimes campaign spokeswoman said Mr. McConnell’s 2008 campaign used a rather similar ad and that it is “insulting to Kentuckians for McConnell to haul out this old, dishonest play every six years when he’s on the ballot,” according to Politico.

McConnell campaign spokeswoman Allison Moore hit back last week, saying, “Only the most partisan, embittered, dogmatically liberal activists would have the audacity to call a Paducah cancer survivor’s story dishonest.”

On Obamacare, Ms. Grimes must walk the political tightrope that other Democratic candidates face in 2014, after millions of Americans said their health policies were canceled because of the health care law.
Her campaign website talks about preserving Medicare but does not tout the health overhaul that, by many accounts, her state has implemented so well.

“I will continue to make sure the concerns I have about the Affordable Care Act are taken to heart,” she said at a campaign stop this month in Prestonsburg, Ky., according to WKYT, a CBS affiliate. “That, for instance, when Washington politicians make promises that if you like your doctor and you like your plan you can keep it, that we follow through with that.”