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“I wrestled with it,” he said of re-signing on Oct.22, “but it was easy when I looked at my relationship with the guys on the team. That’s why you play this game, and I feel like a big reason why we’re here is that every man in that locker room thinks the same way. We all play because of the guy next to you. You all perform because the guy next to you is counting on you. Peer accountability, the biggest thing is accountability, so that’s what we try to do.”

Getting Robinson back on the roster - and, perhaps more significantly, in the locker room - was an easy decision for Carroll and general manager John Schneider.

“He is a big factor on our team because we don’t have that many older guys and he really stands for the old guard,” Carroll said of Robinson, who turns 30 four days after the Super Bowl. “He’s been a big factor on special teams as well.

“You can see the emotion come out of Michael. Then he comes back to play and he gets to play in the Super Bowl. I totally get it and respect it.”


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