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Michael won’t complain about his brother’s far loftier recruiting ranking and draft status. Not only that, he spins it as a blessing.

“Having that much expectation is harder than having no expectation,” he said.

And he’s perplexed by folks who assume he envies his brother’s successes.

“Those people are only children, I think,” he said, laughing.

So the two worked out together during the offseason, and little brother kept offering encouragement.

“Everyone’s journey is different. You still get to the destination,” Martellus recalled telling Michael. “It may take a little bit longer, but if you keep working the way you work, it’s going to show up. People have to notice if you’re as talented as he is.”

His personality is getting noticed too. Surrounded by reporters at Super Bowl media day Tuesday, Michael eventually relented and reiterated that line about his sack dance. It’s the kind of colorful commentary that Martellus‘ thousands of Twitter followers have come to expect. Martellus did the rounds of radio and TV interviews Tuesday in New York City, in town to watch his brother play in the Super Bowl.

The self-nicknamed “Black Unicorn” is liable to pontificate on cartoons, dinosaurs or historical figures. Michael traces that creativity to a punishment doled out by their mother, a teacher, for childhood misdeeds: They had to write stories.

“We’re so much alike, but people don’t really think we are,” Martellus said of his brother. “Michael just don’t talk to you like I talk to you, but he’s one of the funniest people in the world.”

And more people will learn that if he makes big plays in the Super Bowl.

“Any given day,” Bryant said, “he’s the best player on that field.”