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Rep. Tom Cotton, R-Ark.

“We heard more of the same empty promises from President Obama in the State of the Union. But what we didn’t hear was an apology for Obamacare, his unworkable law that’s making health care more expensive and life harder for Arkansans. Real solutions won’t come from more of President Obama’s big government policies, Arkansans deserve a leader who will fight to get government out of the way, cut our deficit, and rein in spending.”


Rep. Rick Crawford, R-Ark.

“Tonight, Arkansans heard from the President about his priorities for our nation. Unfortunately, he continues to avoid addressing the biggest problem holding back economic growth_the ever-growing debt crisis. It is sad that President Obama continues to insist that it makes sense to rush ahead with trillions of dollars in new entitlement spending while Social Security and Medicare remain in fiscal distress, and the national debt is hurtling toward unsustainable levels increasing economic uncertainty.”


Rep. Steve Womack, R-Ark.

“Tonight, President Obama called for a year of action and asked whether we in Congress are going to “help or hinder” America’s progress. Unfortunately, I’m afraid our nation can’t take much more of the top-down, government-expanding “action” and “progress” for which he’s calling. I know for certain that Arkansas’s Third District can’t; I hear it from you, my constituents, day after day.

“You have told me you need policies that allow you to hold the keys to your success instead of promoting the status quo, that grow the economy and not the federal government, that enable you to create jobs rather than make doing so a disincentive, and that empower you to achieve your goals and the American dream without holding them back with red tape. That’s what we’ve been working on in the House, and that’s the America to which I’m committed. I will continue to work with my colleagues - and hopefully President Obama - to find solutions to these problems - the problems you face - and to create more opportunity and a stronger America.”