- Associated Press - Wednesday, January 29, 2014

JERSEY CITY, N.J. (AP) - When it comes to punting, Denver’s Britton Colquitt was born to boot the football.

Colquitt’s father, Craig, won two Super Bowl rings while punting for the Pittsburgh Steelers during a seven-year NFL career. His uncle, Jimmy, punted for Seattle in 1985, and his older brother, Dustin, is currently Kansas City’s punter.

“It’s really crazy,” said Britton, in his fifth season with the Broncos. “When you grow up around it, that’s what you know. All I see is Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl stuff on the wall. It was kind of normal to me. In my mind, and even in Dustin’s mind, it was always attainable and was kind of the norm. If you look at other families in the NFL, their kids play and they’re successful. It’s a belief that they have.

“It’s like any other family business and that’s ours. I am thankful for it.”

He has talked to his father several times since the Broncos won the AFC championship and received texts with small reminders to keep him focused: words of wisdom such as “Stick to the basics” and “You’ve made it here. You know what you’re doing.”

“He wants it (for me),” Britton said. “He’s like a schoolboy right now. He’s more thrilled than anybody.”


UNCLE PEYTON: With the Super Bowl in New York/New Jersey, the Manning brothers can spend a little time together.

Peyton Manning said Wednesday that he saw Eli on Tuesday night and met niece Lucy for the first time. She was born just before training camp began.

“I enjoyed that time as an uncle last night,” Peyton said.

Peyton Manning also found interesting the Super Bowl connection with his brother that wasn’t so obvious. Eli Manning won his second title with the New York Giants in Indianapolis while Peyton was still playing for the Colts. Now big brother gets a chance at a second title in Eli’s home stadium.

“That is a pretty unique and ironic situation,” Peyton said.


CARROLL CONNECTION: By now, most fans know of the attempts by Pete Carroll and the Seahawks to get involved in Peyton Manning’s free agent sweepstakes during the 2012 offseason.

But Manning relayed another Carroll story on Wednesday.

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