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* A digital version of the one-shot, sequential-art issue of Dark Horse Comics’ Tomb Raider: The Beginning. Readers who click each panel from the 28 pages of the issue will get  some mediocre art and also a story that helps set up the game.

* A digital mini art book that really show off plenty of conceptual masterpieces over a 14-screen layout.

* Videos on the making of the game.

Although players who have already enjoyed Tomb Raider might choke on the price point of this reissue, anyone who has not appreciated Lara Croft’s exploits, and is considering buying a PlayStation 4, now has a very good reason thanks to Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition.

Parental advice: The ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) — after watching Lara nearly strangled and often covered in blood, viciously attacked by wolves and using flaming arrows to turn enemies into fireballs — decided to label this game in “M” and that stands for mature. Gamers only 17 years and older need take part in this often violent game. It’s no worse than any movie blockbuster these days, but the realism of human attacking human is just incredible.