- The Washington Times - Monday, January 6, 2014


Fox News’ Mike Huckabee interviewed Emily Miller about her column criticizing Washington, D.C. for forcing law-abiding gun owners to reregister their guns in 2014. Watch the video, courtesy of Right Sightings, of the Jan. 4 “Huckabee” show below. 

Ms. Miller wrote that the first law in the U.S. requiring renewal with fingerprints, photographs and fees is a violation of the Second Amendment. Click to read: MILLER: Gun re-registration begins in D.C., may lead to arrest and confiscation

Gov. Huckabee also asked whether Edward Snowden should be prosecuted for leaking information about the NSA spying on American citizens. 

Emily Miller is senior editor of opinion for The Washington Times and author of “Emily Gets Her Gun” (Regnery, 2013).




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