- - Wednesday, January 8, 2014


It is fascinating that the same administration that hired 16,000 new Internal Revenue Service agents to spy on law-abiding American citizens can look us in the eye, and without cracking a smile, tell the American people that it lacks a legal mechanism to crush the abuse of the food-stamp program and every other welfare boondoggle (“Golden Hammer: Ag Dept. fails to punish stores that aid food-stamp cheaters,” Web, Jan. 2). The inspector general of the Agriculture Department must neither an inspector nor a watchdog be.

Of course, it has never been the intention of either President Obama or Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. to enforce any law that affects their largest voting base. Mr. Obama’s welfare system is nothing more than bribery to multitudes of illegal aliens and millions of slackers who produce nothing for society but babies and crime.

We spend and waste more taxpayer dollars on idiotic welfare initiatives such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program than we have spent on most of the wars we have fought. In case the inspector general cannot understand, this is fraud. Maybe if Mr. Obama’s chief law enforcement officers were more crime buster and less cocktail commando, some progress might be made.




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