- - Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Plainly speaking, women being either “placed” or asked to “volunteer” for ground combat is stupid (“Pentagon’s new warfare: Battle of the sexes,” Web, Jan. 1). However, it is also part of the political left’s agenda to undermine anything that stands for America, freedom or rationality. How many “liberal” families will ask their daughters to become “combat” line officers at our national military academies or Army Rangers, infantry Marines, paratroops or Navy SEALs? None, I would guess.

During World War II, the United States went from a Navy sunk at Pearl Harbor to producing a force capable of placing at will a corps of Marines and a fleet of ships in excess of 600 against one target: Iwo Jima. We supplied an ally with enough weaponry and supplies to jointly fly 20,000 paratroops behind a beach (Normandy) and then land a force of 100,000 to begin reclaiming a continent stolen. We became an “arsenal for democracy.”

Only one thing produces those kinds of results: capitalism dedicated to the free wealth of a country, that country’s self-defense and the defense of its allies. After all, what is the first goal of a federal republic? To protect its people. If you wanted to undermine that goal, you would begin by undermining the military that serves to defend it.

When liberals begin tearing down the barriers to allow women in infantry combat before they have leveled the playing field for women in sex-segregated professional sports, I question their motives entirely. There are no national academies for producing multimillion-dollar professional athletes, but there are national academies for producing professional-line combat officers to lead our military in combat. Why would “liberals” want women to be “equal” in a kill zone but unequal in the dollar zone?

If a 28-year-old, 140-pound woman cannot hit a baseball thrown at 98 miles per hour 375 yards, what makes progressives think this same woman can fight a 200-pound man armed with a knife in a foxhole? If you think that’s a stupid question, you’re rational. Progressives don’t care about rationality; they want cultural and political turmoil. Their intent is not equality for women, but rather the destruction of our national heritage and its values and accomplishments.

Hillsborough, N.J.



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