Conservatives to Obama White House: Pay for contraceptives yourself

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Conservatives took a victory lap Tuesday, celebrating a Supreme Court decision one day prior that called on the Obama administration to find ways to insure birth control without forcing closely held corporations to do it in their health plans.

“Pay for it yourself, government,” Cathy Ruse, a senior fellow at the Family Research Council, told Fox News.

“This is a government program,” she added. “This is a White House project.”

The court in its 5-to-4 decision said the government did not prove its mandate tied to Obamacare was the least restrictive way to insure female employees’ contraceptives, particularly morning-after pills the suing companies equated with abortion.

The all-male majority of justices noted the administration already made an accommodation for nonprofit objectors, or that the government could pony up the cash for contraceptives if it was such a priority.

“This is the court saying, ‘No,’ to the heavy-handed government,” Ms. Ruse told Fox News.

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