- - Thursday, July 10, 2014

If you watched the MSNBC show “The Daily Rundown” on Monday, you might have been shocked to hear a panel of liberal journalists say some uncomplimentary things about Barack Obama’s presidency.

With his job-approval polls falling, the economy in first gear, incomes in decline, inflation on the rise, good jobs in short supply and a thicket of administration scandals, the news media have begun to turn against President Obama, and it isn’t mincing words.

Carolyn Ryan, The New York Times’ Washington bureau chief, bluntly talked about “the national funk we’re in, the sort of national malaise,” as in Jimmy Carter-type malaise.

The foreign-policy debacle in Iraq, where well-armed terrorist armies are close to bringing down its government, and “this crisis on the [Texas] border does go to this question of competence,” Ms. Ryan said.

“I feel like it can be a negative for President Obama, where it seems like so many things in this country just aren’t working,” she added.

NBC’s chief political analyst Chuck Todd, the host of MSNBC’s morning program, readily agreed. “Boy, you can see that 30-second TV ad, right? You start with the health care rollout, you go to the VA, you go to Syria, you go to Iraq, and you can go to the border. You can draw a straight line,” he said.

Veteran USA Today analyst Susan Page said the tens of thousands of children coming into the country illegally from Central America threaten to hurt Mr. Obama with his core constituencies, especially Hispanics, if he deals with the problem through mass deportations.

“This is a kind of a lose-lose for him, politically speaking,” Ms. Page said.

Mr. Obama traveled to Texas on Wednesday — raising millions for his party’s 2014 races — where he met with Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican, in Dallas, but decided not to go to the border to inspect the crisis firsthand, which angered Democrats.

“This is a Katrina moment, right?” Ms. Page said. “You’re going to a fundraiser, and you’re not going to the border where there’s this crisis?”

Washington Post chief political analyst Dan Balz said the crisis at the border was bad news for Mr. Obama and for Democrats. “When we have seen these mass arrivals, it’s hurt the party that’s been in the White House, badly.”

The Washington news media has become increasingly critical of Mr. Obama lately and the multiple troubles that have engulfed his presidency in his second term.

“The notion of Obama’s incompetence in matters both foreign and domestic is really beginning to sink in with the press,” writes longtime media critics L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham on their CNSNews.com website.

“Try as they might in their daily attempts to sugarcoat the bad news and/or blame it all on the Republicans, even the liberal news media can read the tea leaves,” they said.

It wasn’t only the media that were criticizing Mr. Obama, though. Democrats were doing it, too, over his decision not to visit the scene of the crisis for which he was asking taxpayers to cough up nearly $4 billion.

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