- - Friday, July 11, 2014


For those Israeli Arabs who engage in violent riots, including firebombs and rock-throwing designed to maim or kill Israeli soldiers and civilians, there should be appropriate punishment. Many of these same individuals have expressed by signs, actions and words that they are looking forward to the demise of the Jewish state and the mass killing of all Jews.

I would suggest that the proper prison terms for treason be imposed with the alternative that Israel would give them fair value for their housing and deport them to the Palestinian territories, where they can associate with those Palestinian Arabs who have similar views.

Incidentally, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized to the parents of the slain Israeli-Arab teenager and the Israeli public was outraged at the killing, I saw no reciprocity from the Palestinian territories. No such condolences were offered for the killing of three Israeli teenagers; instead, news of these brutal killings was met with celebration. Nor have the perpetrators of the killings been sought after by the Palestinian authorities. Instead, they are obviously being protected by the local citizenry.


Silver Spring



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