- Associated Press - Friday, July 11, 2014

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) - On a glorious Saturday morning, Ben VanKampen, flew his 1957 Piper Pacer from Newton to the little town of Beaumont deep in the Flint Hills.

He landed on the native grass airstrip, taxied down the paved road and stopped at the stop sign on Main Street.

VanKampen parked his airplane across from the historic Beaumont Hotel’s front door in a spot reserved just for airplanes.

Then he and his passenger, Jeff Hyde, went inside for breakfast.

The omelets at the Beaumont Hotel aren’t the only attraction, however

“It’s a neat destination,” said VanKampen, a flight test engineer at Bombardier Learjet. “It’s just kind of fun to taxi on a city street in your airplane. That’s unique.”

The Beaumont Hotel, built in 1879, is a popular destination for pilots and others.

Located in Butler County, the bed and breakfast is visited by motorcyclists, classic car enthusiasts, hunters, ranchers and others who stay overnight or come to dine in the 1950s-style restaurant or dining room.

Kim Neves, who lives in Augusta, has worked at the hotel for eight years.

“It’s a very special little place here,” Neves said during a lull between breakfast and lunch.

Chris and Andrea Fraser moved from Naples, Fla., in early June to serve as the hotel’s innkeepers.

Chris Fraser saw the job opening in Trade-A-Plane, a publication about airplanes that are for sale.

Fraser, whose hobby is aviation, has a background in facilities management. His wife has a background in food service.

“It was an opportunity to move into a better position for both of us,” Fraser said.

He likes the airport and the people who fly in, he said. And he loves the history of the hotel and the town.

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