- - Monday, July 14, 2014


The new country, folk, bluegrass and Americana music is better than you think.

I’ve had occasion to listen to a lot of country radio stations this season, and have concluded that those who are not fond of Blake Shelton’s “My Eyes” or similar rock-infused country singles may give up hope that they’ll ever again add a new song to their personal playlists.

But you can find great music if you know where to look. Try some of these new and soon-to-be-released offerings for starters:

Artist: Brigitte DeMeyer

Album: “Savannah Road”

Release date: April

You’ll like it if you enjoy: Acoustic Americana

It’s difficult to decide if the 13 songs on this album, 10 of which Ms. DeMeyer co-wrote with guitarist Will Kimbrough, are magical because of her soulful voice, the elegantly sparse acoustic instrumentation or the bare-bones production.

Suffice it to say that listeners will hear a naturally elegant swirl of country, folk and blues played with the passion of those who gather in Nashville songwriters’ circles.

Artist: Chris Leslie

Album: “Origins”

Release: January

You’ll like it if you like: English folk, Native American, Americana

It’s no secret that many musicians consider Chris Leslie, who for the past 18 years has been Fairport Convention’s chief songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, a virtuoso. What is surprising is that Mr. Leslie’s contributions to the British folk rock band only display a portion of his artistry.

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