- The Washington Times - Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Homeland Security authorities gave a pat on the back to themselves for sending home 40 adults and children who were in the country illegally, claiming the deportations prove that the White House means business — that illegals will in fact be shipped to their countries of origin.

“As President Obama, the vice president and [Department of Homeland Security] Secretary [Jeh] Johnson have said, our border is not open to illegal migration, and we will send recent illegal migrants back,” Homeland Security officials said in a statement, Fox News reported.

The 40 adults and children were taken from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, N.M., where they had been temporarily housed, and sent back to Honduras on Monday, feds reported.

About 82,000 more — 57,000 of whom are minor-aged children — have crossed into America since October, Fox News said. Homeland Security assured, however, that the 40 were just the first — the “initial wave” — of many deportations to come.



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