- - Thursday, July 17, 2014

Illegal immigration


Cash for Clunkers

“Shovel ready”

“Hope and change”

The list goes on and on.

These grand government ideas from Democrats never work — ever!

We conservatives have been right about these failures about 115,000+ to 1 in recent memory (I’ll admit, running John McCain for president was stupid on our part. Then again, usually when the “establishment” Republicans do something we all know is wrong, the name McCain is usually associated.)

Democrats have become the crystal ball of what not to do with our country.

Did anyone NOT predict this influx of illegal immigrants when the president and his party wept about the poor plight of the “Dreamers”? Hey boneheads, we are ALL dreamers!

I’m dreaming of a time when my friend’s son can get even an entry-level job that hasn’t been taken by an illegal. Or I’m dreaming that a new plague isn’t being carried across the border on the back of someone Nancy Pe-lousy is welcoming with open arms (then again, if she got just a minor face-altering bug, that might be a plus).

Or I’m dreaming that they aren’t really going to put Rosie O’Donnell back on “The View” — again. (I’m not sure our country’s collective IQ level can stand to drop any further.)

The Democrats are operating full-speed at the definition of insanity. When they do (insert stupid government program/idea here) over and over and over again, their excuse is, “We just didn’t spend enough money!”

What are you, 3 years old? Don’t you EVER learn from your mistakes?

Just as the swallows return to San Juan Capistrano every year on time, Obama like clockwork is once again whining that he wants more money for “infrastructure.”

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