- The Washington Times - Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A man dressed in a “Star Wars”-type stormtrooper costume, complete with fake weaponry, so scared a business owner in one Kansas community that he locked his shop and called police.

The store owner said he noticed what he thought was an AK-47 that the costumed man was carrying and ordered his shop into lockdown mode, Mediaite reported. He then dialed for emergency assistance.

Christopher Burns was dressed as the “Star Wars” character to shoot an online video. Police shortly left the scene without making any arrests. But Mr. Burns said he was shocked at the ruckus his costume caused, Mediaite reported.

“[I’m] a little bit surprised that someone would see a stormtrooper and fear when, you know, it’s been around since the ‘70s,” he said, the news blog reported.



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