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Once again, it’s time to check off some items on my “TIDU List” — Things I Don’t Understand:

Why Bryce Harper thinks he’s entitled to manage.

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Full-blown jerkdom is ahead for the Nationals’ wunderkind unless he changes course. Coming off the disabled list (again) and offering unsolicited lineup advice is wrong for established vets, let alone 21-year-olds in their third season. Defending Harper’s excesses will always be easier in Washington — or wherever he plays — but it will be harder to like him if this behavior continues.

Memo to Harper: Matt Williams has a job; focus on your own.

How goalie Tim Howard didn’t feel all alone.

During Howard’s incredible performance against Belgium, LeBron James had flashbacks to Cleveland. Someone on Twitter wondered if Howard can save their marriage. Another person suggested the GOP should recruit Howard and bring him to Washington to help with blocking. He set a World Cup record with 16 saves, many in spectacularly awesome fashion.

His teammates didn’t leave him on an island; they put him in solitary confinement.

Why the Milwaukee Bucks trust new coach Jason Kidd.

As a freshman in 1994, Kidd led a successful revolt against Cal coach Lou Campanelli. As a rookie coach last season, Kidd made Lawrence Frank the league’s highest-paid assistant but quickly banished him to a desk job. Now, Kidd just lost a power play in Brooklyn, stabbed Larry Drew in the back and is measuring GM John Hammond’s office.

Milwaukee’s new owners deserve to make their own hire and they’ll get what they deserve.

How Trevor Ariza can pass on the Wizards.

Playing for six teams over 10 seasons can make you long for stability. That — plus a plethora of open looks thanks to John Wall — is what Washington offers its free agent. The Los Angeles native will receive strong interest from a number of teams, including the Lakers. But he has a good thing going in D.C.

With Martin Gortat re-signed, Ariza is the last piece on a strong starting five he can call his own.

Why Luis Suarez’s penalty should be reduced.

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