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There is a deeper story here. Liberalism never works.

Liberals always promise that if we just adopt their ideas, everything will be perfect.

Liberals tell us that if we just tax the rich, we will have plenty of money. In states where the rich are being taxed, the rich are fleeing. States with low taxes are attracting the wealthy.

Liberals tell us that if we will just throw more money at education, that will fix America’s education problem. America has been doing that for 40 years now. Every year it gets worse.

And liberals tell us that if law-abiding citizens will simply give up their guns, gun violence will end.

That has been tried in both Britain and Australia. Look at the results. In both nations, gun violence continues unabated. Only the citizens are defenseless.

Chicago shows America every day what life is like for defenseless people.

Detroit shows what happens when a city encourages its people to be armed and defend themselves.