- - Monday, July 21, 2014


President Obama leads from behind and tries to avoid confrontations. He draws “red lines” and then turns his back on them. When people get killed in Benghazi or the Ukraine, he runs off to a fundraiser.

When he came to office he wanted to vitiate American exceptionalism and reduce our power in the hopes that amelioration would lead to peace rather than attacks by other, more belligerent countries. He praised the Muslim call to prayer and called Islam a peaceful religion out of fear of making Muslims angry.

He didn’t understand that President Reagan made the world peaceful through strength. He thought he could achieve peace through self-deprecating speeches and bowing. The Mideast is burning. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s surrogates are shooting down civilian planes.

Unlike Reagan, Mr. Obama did not tear down that wall. Instead he forgot to build a necessary wall on the southern border of the United States, where we are becoming polluted and diluted by a lack of the rule of law. Welcome, diseases. Hello, drug cartels. Nice tattoos, MS-13.

What I fear about Mr. Obama is not that he is too peaceful or too remiss in self-defense. It is that he takes the posture of a coward. Cowards often have knee-jerk reactions, and when pushed far enough become too aggressive.

When I was a teenager, I was scared of everybody — but if pushed too far I became aggressive. However, I soon learned that my responses should be proportionate, not exaggerated. Mr. Obama measures nothing. He meets situations with teleprompter speeches, and he never looks situations in the eye.


New York



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