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At least 90,000 children will be caught this year, and more than 140,000 will be apprehended in 2015, according to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection memo.

Until recently, just about 8,000 unaccompanied children per year attempted to cross the border.

Senate Democrats, meanwhile, introduced a $2.7 billion emergency appropriations bill to redouble efforts to shelter and provide immigration hearings for the children while they are in the United States, with few measures included to enhance border security.

It headed for an almost certain standoff with Republicans.

“It’s unfortunate that Democrats here in the Senate just want to vote to spend money,” said Sen. Marco Rubio, Florida Republican and a top advocate for comprehensive immigration reform.

Other proposals form the House task force included:

⦁ Deploy the National Guard to the Southern border to assist Border Patrol in the humanitarian care and needs of the unaccompanied minors. This will free up the Border Patrol to focus on their primary mission.

⦁ Prohibit the Secretary of the Interior or the Secretary of Agriculture from denying or restricting U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) activities on federal land under their respective jurisdictions.

⦁ Require a DHS strategy and implementation plan to gain operational control of the Southern border.

⦁ Establish independent third party commission to develop border security metrics as a means to accurately gauge progress on border security.

⦁ Mandate the detention of all Family Units apprehended at the border with the ultimate goal of processing family units in 5-7 days. Congress must continue stringent oversight to ensure this mandate is being met.

⦁ Deploy additional judge teams and temporary judges to expedite the hearing of asylum and credible fear claims.

⦁ Εξαμινε τhe standard under current law that allows an alien to show a “credible fear of persecution” to ensure a fraud-free system moving forward. In addition, criminal aliens and criminal gang members should not receive asylum.

The House task force proposals also immediately drew fire from both conservative Republicans and Democrats.

Rep. Steve A. King, Iowa Republican and member of the Tea Party Caucus, said conservatives wouldn’t back the task force plan because Mr. Obama could not be trusted to enforce the laws if it passed.

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