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Washington Democrats will howl that this will dry up government’s ability to improve our lives. They will warn that leaving so much money in taxpayer hands and so much freedom of choice in their lives can only lead to peril.

When that argument arises, the best rebuttal is Texas, where a red state has thrived under 20 years of delicious one-party rule. The value of the example extends beyond economics.

We push back against the zealotry of the Environmental Protection Agency, and our air still gets cleaner. We stand up for gun rights, and our communities are safer. We believe in strong borders, and Hispanic voters are not repelled.

These ideas can lead to a renaissance in any state adopting them and in a nation too long in decline. The “Texas miracle” has not been a miracle at all. It has been the product of voters demanding government closer to the style envisioned by our Founders.

Mark Davis is the author of “Lone Star America: How Texas Can Save Our Country” (Regnery, 2014) and is a talk-show host on Salem Communications’ 660 AM (KSKY) in Dallas-Fort Worth.