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Women would be integral to achieving their “underlying agenda of socialism and redistribution of wealth.” The motives of the Democrats and their allies when it comes to women are “far from pure.”

President Obama steps right into line with the agenda, propelling it forward with unabashed enthusiasm and the skill of a practiced community organizer. The author reminds readers of the webpage Mr. Obama launched during the campaign, “The Life of Julia,” “a sickening portrayal of the federal nanny state.” Through the fictional Julia, Mr. Obama sought to lure female voters by outlining how the largesse of government would provide for them, as it did for Julia, in every stage of their life, but only if it is a government controlled by Democrats.

The author points out how disgusted the great early leaders of the feminist movement would be by the ploy of liberals to make women dependent yet again. She says the “true war” is one “waged to make all women subscribe to certain social behavior, involving complete sexual ‘liberation’ and ‘independence,’ and a war waged to convince women that the Democratic Party is the party that will give them everything they need to achieve that narrow-minded view on life — if they pledge their political allegiance.”

The hypocrisy is overwhelming, but the cynicism is revolting. The party championed by the modern-day feminist movement, such as it is, wants to condemn women to a life of dependency on and servitude to not a husband, but a truly oppressive, power-hungry, ambitious and spirit-crushing master; namely, government.

All this matters deeply because when it comes to elections, “women are being systematically played by the Democratic Party,” Ms. Pavlich writes. Republicans, rather than exposing the lies and the devastating impact of the leftist agenda on women, are letting it happen.

A recent NBC-Marist poll found that, despite the myriad issues plaguing the world now, having nothing to do with the Democrat-conjured “War on Women,” 70 percent of Coloradan voters are “less likely to support a candidate who backs limits on contraception.” That is proof positive to Democrats that if they can continue to hammer Republicans over “personhood” and contraception, they can win, and they’re counting on Republicans not to fight back.

This strategy, manifest in ads and direct mailings across the country, is a wake-up call to Republicans. “Assault and Flattery” is the answer to that call. The question remains: Will the GOP abandon failed efforts to win by ignoring the attacks, and instead take the high — and winning — ground, championing women with an ample arsenal, meticulously outlined by Katie Pavlich?

Kate Obenshain is a commentator, speaker and author of “Divider in Chief” (Regnery.)