- The Washington Times - Tuesday, July 29, 2014

George Zimmerman, a Florida neighborhood watch volunteer acquitted last year of murdering teen Trayvon Martin, recently took on a new, unofficial role: impromptu security guard at a gun and motorcycle shop.

Pat Johnson, owner of Pompano Pat’s and DeLand, Florida, mayoral candidate, said he reached out to longtime friend Mr. Zimmerman to help watch his store after thieves stole two rifles and two minibikes earlier this month, United Press International reported.

Mr. Zimmerman clarified that he’s not officially hired by Mr. Johnson, but rather serves in a more informal capacity by simply sitting outside the store in his car and watching for suspicious situations and individuals, UPI reported.

Mr. Zimmerman’s watchdog role came to light recently after police noticed him in parked in his car outside the shop, and questioned his presence, UPI reported. The former homeowner’s association patrol guard said he was simply helping out Mr. Johnson and keeping an eye on the store.

Mr. Johnson, a former New Yorker, made national headlines in 2013 when he gave Mr. Zimmerman a free gun after his acquittal as a replacement for the one confiscated by law enforcement following the shooting death of Trayvon.



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